Instagram Marketing: Grow Real Followers

Instagram Marketing: Grow Real Followers


With over 1 billion monthly active users on Instagram, your business has the potential to reach, engage, and build a massive community on Instagram.

But where do you start? How do you grow real followers that will actually impact your business goals? We will walk through how to build your Instagram strategy for the next six months. From developing your brand to tracking your growth to hiring freelancers. Watch the Intro Video

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Intro Video
Instagram Marketing Chapters:

  1. List Building with PeopleMap

  2. The Mine & Grind

  3. Instagram Basics

  4. Tracking Growth & Conversions

  5. Hashtag Programs for UGC

  6. Content Strategy for ROI

  7. Social Proof with Partnerships

  8. Influencer Seeding

  9. Team Building and Freelancers

  10. The Checklist


  • Resources

  • Video Interview with Rebecca Thandi Norman, Co-Founder of Scandinavia Standard

  • Video Interview with Lizzy Okoro Davidson, Editor of BUNCH Magazine



Puno has grown @madewithmap to 80,000 followers in one year with no "experience". She did not have the luxury of being featured by instagram and did not buy followers.

She's completely transparent about everything so you can takeaway an actionable strategy. From emails she's written to how she does the "Mine + Grind", think of this class like an in-depth case study of exactly how she grew @madewithmap.

She has taught this course at General Assembly and it is now available online. Yay!

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Do I get all the videos at once? Yes! Once you've purchased the course, you'll get an email with the subject line "Your Digital Downloads for Order #". Click the text link to for your password.

Can I go back and watch it again? Yes, they are streamed online and anytime I update videos, you'll have access to the newest videos.

Is there an expiration on my access to it? These videos are yours forever. In the event we take them down, we will notify all students to download the course.

Are there updates for the latest changes on Instagram?  This course covers my strategy for growing @madewithmap from 0 to 80K by strategically targeting audiences. Even with Instagram's latest updates (ahem, the algorithm), the core of my strategy is even more important.




A creator, digital designer, and entrepreneur at heart, Puno is the Founder of ilovecreatives, a platform connecting creatives working that slashie life. She also created, an Instagram marketing tool where you can analyze your instagram marketing efforts and strategically build an organic community.

You can find her vlogging on YouTube, in DTLA on the hunt for the city’s best food, or exploring incredible locations with Madewithmap (Instagram @madewithmap) —a trusted community of travel influencers.


"Puno's Instagram class is for all types of people and businesses who are wanting to get insight into the world of Instagram. I was worried at first that I wouldn't learn much, since I had already built a pretty large following on our company's Instagram.

I learned a lot! More specifically, how marketing on Instagram equates to sales. Within a couple hours of her class, I tested it out. The post ended up quadrupling our daily sales! I also learned how I can better track Instagram's influence on sales and growth tips that will be very important for our future success. Thanks Puno."
@mallyce of @jolynclothing


"Puno’s Instagram class was very insightful! We have some smaller accounts we are working to get off the ground and each section of the class provided clarity on how to make the best use of our time moving forward. Not only did she validate some of the things we’re currently doing, but she also shared new tactics, apps and tools to take our content to the next level. I definitely recommend this class for beginners and regular users of Instagram." - Shelby Jacobs of @toms


“I learned more in Puno’s class than I did in college - for reals. Everything Puno preaches is organic and tested. I walked out with inspiration rushing through my veins. Puno teaches in a way that’s easy to understand and provides a ton of real world examples from projects she’s worked on in the past. Her PeopleMap tool is mind blowing and will make you question every archaic strategy you’ve used in the past.” - Cleo von Siebenthal, Community Manager @tastemade


"We felt the class was so on point and helpful for anyone whether you are just starting or need a refresher. Everything we wanted to learn (plus more) was explained in a way that was very easy to understand. Puno is a great teacher and is so savvy on all things Instagram! It was great learning all her strategies and being able to pick her brain and ask a ton of questions too." - Natalie & Andrew Tyree, Founders of Coast To Costa


"Puno's advanced Instagram course was great- it was everything I could have imagined and more. Puno was fun, energetic and extremely knowledgable! It was ideal because she went over the content of the course while still allowing plenty of time for Q+A's. She made sure to touch on everything from the logistics of Instagram to the overall growth strategy that can help brands successfully grow. Not to mention, it was great to meet representatives from other brands and businesses and work together to earn from the best of the best. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone looking to up their social media game" - Melissa Mathewson, Digital Marketing Manager, 


"Puno’s Instagram class was a total game changer. It’s a rare opportunity to get a peek behind the curtain of how someone was able to grow their Instagram account to over 100K. From the outside looking in, it seemed a bit like catching lightning in a bottle but it’s not (for most of us anyway!). Using her own business account as a case study, Puno broke down the strategy and tactics of how she was able to steadily grow her account, including successes and missteps. She offered tons of tips, tools and advice and delivered it all in such a relatable, enthusiastic and humble way. And it’s all completely doable. It’s amazing how even one simple takeaway from her class can make an enormous impact: being fearless in reaching out to potential partners and collaborators. We’ve since started working with so many wonderfully talented and creative people that we’ve discovered on Instagram, particularly in creating original content for our brands. It's been such a cool place to connect for mutually beneficial projects! And we’ve seen such a great response from our community. Between Puno’s Instagram class and Chelsea Matthew’s Social Derby workshop, I’m happy to report that in less than four months, one of our brands has grown over 103% on Instagram, and the other 58% with a huge uptick in engagement across the board. That’s huge for us. And we feel like we’re just getting going, too. Puno, thanks again. You rock! - Amanda Coplan

PS. I’ve encouraged other colleagues and friends to take the class and they’ve all found it so invaluable (basically: friends don’t let friends not take this class)."


"Puno is basically fantastic on every level. Smart, savvy, able to teach in an incredibly entertaining and engaging way... She knows what she's talking about with Instagram and you'll leave her class feeling empowered and ready to kick the internet's ass." - Alexandra Piotrowski


"This is THE BEST Instagram training I've been too! I love that you've created a brand guide specifically for Instagram + shared the strategies to grow an Instagram account. Thank you!!" - Keizra Tyson-Griffin

"In Puno's instagram workshop, she shows you how you can approach social media in a practical, but passionate way, create an engaged community and convert that engagement into growth for your business or brand. She breaks down her process, step by step, shows you how you can connect with your audience, gain a following, track your progress, and shares all of her time saving tricks and most effective methods. She is inspirational, relatable, and fun!

While I had a small following with a previous company I started, I was hesitant to jump back in again with hardly any eyes on my new brand. Puno inspired me to start my new instagram handle with a consistent, authentic voice and gave me the tools I needed to accelerate my reach."  — Caitlin McCarthy


"I took Puno's advanced Instagram class and damn, it blew my mind. Not only does it give you insight into creating a successful profile and all the benefits Instagram can provide for your brand, but Puno breaks down every single element that goes into it. I'll admit at times I was slightly overwhelmed, but after six hours I came out of the class 100% more informed, more confident in my social media skills and empowered to gain real, authentic followers. Not to mention I met some fantastic people during the class and it was super relaxed and fun. I highly recommend it for anyone serious about using Instagram as a marketing tool for their brand. If you think you already know everything there is to know about Instagram, you don't. This class will teach you so much!" — Alexandra Cadiz

"When I worked for a broke-ass community nonprofit, we used Puno's strategies to jumpstart our Instagram following and it pushed us over the 1,000 mark (finally!) within several months. Most importantly, we found quality like-minded fans who ordinarily wouldn't have heard of us and that strengthened the organization as a whole!" — Ken Lee, Freelance Content Producer


"OMG....her experience and knowledge was my missing link on how to tackle and handle my Instagram. She has the the data to support her tactics and they are completely based on what she does for her business.

She not only provided information, but Puno has showed me how to execute. My aims are clear, distinct, and it felt like I really do have what it takes to make my goals for my instagram happen. She is magic! I think Puno's "Mining" technique is gold! 

She also touched on what to look for if we are ready to hire someone. I have cleaned up my Instagram and super excited to start. She just made my year." — James-Paul Ancheta, Part 1


"I took the class awhile back and did a lot of growing and learning about myself. This secondary class is a touch base of how to do it better. It certainly gives so much validity to the work that goes into Instagram and it's not just posting, its a lot of work and investment of time. Puno just puts you in control, sets in realistic goals. I have worked on a company previously and they had unrealistic expectations and goals, now together with the monetization course it really sets the work load and the tasks that needs to be given to others. It's a great re-cap I learned more this time around. 2nd round would certainly would be a more of a focus I will probably take this class again so that I would learn more and apply new things. Puno you are a rock star. This course is a complete package. Thank you for empowering me. Mining is still gold...." — James-Paul Ancheta, Part 2


"Not only does Puno have (what seems to be endless) knowledge and experience but the energy she brings about Instagram and life is inspiring.  With learning more about how to grow your company with IG, she was able to point out and answer completely different and important questions about my actual business without even knowing it.  I don't know how long it would of taken me to get those "answers" but I'm glad I don't have to wait to find out!

Six hours of anything seems a little much but it actually was a really great Sunday well spent. I left with a information on how to grow on Instagram, motivation and a bunch of ideas! I have Puno to thank for that! I will be back, definitely!" — Taryn Mitsunaga


"Puno was awesome! She made the 6 hour workshop fly by easily by addressing all the opportunities, day to day necessities, and issues you come across while using the app. Listening to someone who was so charismatic, knowledgeable, and up to date with the quick paced tech and digital marketing industries was truly inspiring!" - Katrina Dargel


"Puno is a pro and a pioneer. Being in the presence of someone active in the ever-changing tech and digital marketing industry is inspiring, period!" — Matt Sanderson


"Puno was amazing! Loved hearing her insights." — Lidia Sagastume


"Puno was very informative and engaging. She knows her stuff and I would definitely take one of her classes again!" — Alexandra Bendana