Jennifer Grimm, Independent Designer and Photographer

You won’t find another course or community quite like this one! Why? Let’s taco ‘bout it.
First, Puno makes the internet feel special and open and full of possibility. She’s like Myspace Tom except better dressed and we’re all in her Top 8. Remember those?

Puno shows you all you can achieve working within the standard Squarespace blocks, but also has a Resource Library to share code snippets and CSS tricks for extra pizazz.

Another thing—Puno and the team hold you accountable. That’s something I found lacking in other online courses but here, you have her team and the whole Slack crew cheering you on and pushing you to make your work better. It can always be better.

Last, she sets you up with the tools and knowledge to start taking on clients. This course gave me the confidence to take on projects I never would have—like a Web and branding project over 3x the course fee. I immediately made my return!

Thank you from the bottom of my little non-programmer heart.
Jennifer Grimm, Independent Designer and Photographer