Do The Math: Freelancers

Do The Math: Freelancers




Questions this spreadsheet will answer:

  • What is my hourly based on my salary?
  • If you have money saved up, how long will that last you?
  • What do you need to make each week?
  • If you don't make enough this month, but make more next month, how does that affect your runway?
  • How much time do you need to work each week? 
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The scariest part about leaving your job is not knowing how much you need when you quit. 

I know math isn't fun, but damn, it gives you so much clarity and confidence! I made this spreadsheet for myself when I started freelancing and have given it to friends that were about to quit their job or have already went all in.

Give it a try and hopefully it will give you the confidence and clarity it brought me when I was Squarespace Freelancing. Crazy stuff, I ended up making $100K and only worked 2 hours a day!

Have fun!

Puno, Founder of ilovecreatives


Rebecca, host of For Hire Podcast asks Casey Zhang how she finds her hourly rate at 0:34:30.

It’s a really good spreadsheet.
Casey Zhang, previously @etsy and @glossier